If you have questions, please read through these. If you still have remaining questions, please just send it to info@thequeentheory.com
Monday-Thursday: 12-5 PM CST
Friday: 12-3 PM CST
Weekends + Holidays: Closed

Please make sure that you understand the following:

We do not work on weekends.

If you want to launch on a weekend, you are responsible for launching your own store at your own time. Please follow instructions on how to launch your store in our Youtube.

Any client who books a service and disappears completely and does not respond to any communications for 60 days. You will receive 2 follow up emails:

1. 2.5 weeks after order submission
2. 4.5 weeks after order submission

If there is still no response, your project will be marked as fulfilled and no refund will be provided.

If a client would like to continue after 2 months a restart fee of $100 will be charged before project resumes.
As of now, we no longer offer returns or partial refunds for any reason. By placing an order, you agree to this policy.
You will not receive your printed material if your payment is not paid in full. Neither will you receive your final designs, unless it is paid via Sezzle or Klarna.
If you choose a completion date sooner than the allotted time referenced in the product description, we will reach out with you about paying the rush fee. If you decline, you will be placed later after the allotted time.
All pricing is subject to change at our discretion.
All quotes are good for 72 hours. Our pricing can vary any time. If your quote is past its due date, you must pay for the current reflected price.
All costs are final. If you choose to have an invoice, you will only have a set time of 3 days to pay. After those 3 days, you will need to pay full price through the site if there is a price change.

After 60 days, if the project is not finished, Queen Theory holds all rights to complete or not complete the project.
Invoices are due within 72 hours of being sent. If the price changes or sales are ended and you have not paid, the prospective client must pay full price through the site.

If you do not pay 3 invoices, we will not send another.
If you would like the SVG, AI, or PSD file, you will have to pay for that when purchasing. If you decide that you would like it after the order is completed, please email us within 60 days. We erase all files and editable files after 60 days.
We only keep files for 60 days.
Phone consultations are only held for 15 minutes. If you would like to schedule a call, please schedule through our site. If you call outside of a schedule, we will not respond. feel free to text us.

All communication on weekends or out of hours will not be replied to until the next day.
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